The Secret Lip Plumper You Haven't Considered

We love picking up beauty tips from our French counterparts-micellar water, forgoing our hair dryer, this model-approved do-it-all balm, the list goes on. But just when we think we've gotten a good grasp of French beauty (the general philosophy being do less of everything), we learn something new that shakes up our entire beauty routine. Such was the case when we were chatting with Caudalie's chic and poreless founder, Mathilde Thomas, who casually mentioned that she likes to apply eye cream to her lips-cue our subsequent freak-out. We begged her to explain, which she did completely matter-of-factly. “The structure of the skin around the eye is very thin, as is the structure around the lips,” she told us. “Eye creams are designed to cater to this thin layer of skin. The formulas are fragrance free and packed with ingredients designed for the most sensitive skin.” In other words, just like your eye cream plumps and firms your eye area, it will do the same for your lips. “The area around the eyes and lips are where women typically spot wrinkles first,” Thomas says. “The structure of the skin around these two areas are built the same, so the eye cream you're applying will be equally as effective around your lips as it will around the eyes.” She went on to mention that she actually prefers the texture of eye creams better than that of lip balms-plus, they're filled with soothing and firming ingredients that gently keep shrunken, pruney lips at bay.

Applying is easy-just dab your favorite eye cream around your lip area with your ring finger each morning and evening. “You can apply it 360 degrees around the eye and lip area for maximum benefits, or just dab it along your smile lines,” Thomas says.

This trick is so simple, so genius, we're incredulous it's not more widely known-which is obviously why we needed to share it with you immediately. Suffice it to say, we haven't felt this excited about going home and using eye cream in, well, ever.

Shop four of our favorite eye creams below, and tell us-have you ever tried this lip-plumping trick? Sound off below!

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