The One Food Margot Robbie Cuts Out to Clear Up Her Skin


It's no secret that celebrity skincare routines are a thing of great intrigue here at Byrdie, and with so much research supporting the idea that healthy skin starts from within, the subjects of nutrition and skincare are no longer separate. Changing your diet isn't something you do purely for fitness or internal health anymore-because experts agree that what you put in your body can show up on your face in as little as two hours.

There is one category of food that more and more celebrities are giving up in the name of clear skin. (It's a food that dermatologists and estheticians often link to cystic acne.) Margot Robbie is the most recent celeb to denounce the skin-unfriendly food, which, of course, happens to be delicious and internationally beloved. The culprit? Dairy.

"If I eat or drink heaps of dairy, my skin breaks out," she recently told Elle UK. "I love dairy, and I have it all the time, but if I'm filming or if my skin is really shit, then I try to cut down and just drink lots of water."


Margot Robbie is not the first celeb to avoid cheese, ice cream, and other milk-derived products. Kourtney Kardashian, Victoria Beckham, Jessica Biel, Alicia Keys, and BeyoncГ© have all spoken about their dairy-free diets.

Why does dairy tend to cause cystic breakouts, you ask? According to celebrity esthetician RenГ©e Rouleau, "Since most dairy cows are given growth hormones, the consumption of milk, cheese, and yogurt become factors that influence endogenous hormones and mimic the hormones that trigger oil production in the skin to ignite the acne process."

Instead, may we recommend a plant-based cheese? We're fans of Kite Hill's vegan cheese products. (Their plain cream cheese below-made from almond milk-is a delight on bagels and crackers. You can buy it at most Whole Foods.)

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