The Skincare Products You Should Use in May, According to Astrology

With a degree in neuroscience and art history from UCLA,В Rose TheodoraВ is an expert when it comes to color therapy and astrology. Each month, she'll be sharing astrological insights for your sign, as well as the beauty products you should be using-consider these your personal beauty horoscopes.


May is all about sensual excitement, keeping those pores tight, and your skin glowing. After seven years, the planet Uranus will change signs, entering Taurus on May 15. This will cause sudden changes and realizations related to your finances, relationships, and routines in your life. This means that your skin will want luxury, quality products, and you'll quickly become more concerned with contents rather than the packaging-if you weren't already.

May 1: Mayday.

May 5: Mother's day

May 13: Mercury enters Taurus, and you'll want to speak about your products more than usual. Beauty bloggers, this is your time to shine, and you likely have a lot of Taurus influence somewhere in your chart. Leo and Taurus are the top beauty glam queens, and Virgo's are our well versed in what's healthiest/toxic-free. On another note, everyone will be thinking quality in favor of quantity.

May 15: New moon in Taurus, staying grounded and sensual amid the heavy and abrupt changes. Remember that emotional and financial security comes from adapting to the inevitable changes.

May 15: Uranus changes gear. Uranus is where we want to break free. It moves to into Taurus today, which means that we, you, and everybody wants nicer things, more security with love, and career. Expect the next seven years to be monumental. Look at the last seven and see how far you've come.

May 16: Mars enters Taurus. Mars is representative of the physical body and physical stamina and vitality. While in Taurus, expect stubborn and steadfast to be your modes of operation. Think quality ingredients, more sleep, and luxurious creams.

May 19: Venus enters Cancer. Maternal, sensitive, sensual, and evocative are where you feel most centered. Now you'll opt for tobacco-scented candles, mother of pearl creams, and more baths.

May 20: Sun enters Gemini, and it's officially Gemini season. Happy Birthday, Geminis!

Communication is everything and so is taking yourself more lightly now. You'll opt for more pastels and color and lighter products. In fact, you'll probably want to try a little of everything, so go easy on indecisiveness with your skincare routine to avoid breakouts.

May 25: A day for dreaming, fantasizing, and photo shoots.

May 29: Full Moon in Sagittarius. This full moon warrants against self-righteousness, entitlement, and fleeing without considering wisdom from the elders; in this case, the opinions of those you respect and love most. Surrender to the facts and allow this passionate moon, in aspect to Mars, to instill a deep reverence for your life.

May 29: Mercury returns home to Gemini, and communication is on point.

ARIES: Values.

For a reactive sign like you, you're pretty set in your ways, and when it comes to finances, you like to have money in the bank to spend freely on whatever you choose, whenever you want. With Uranus entering Taurus, this will shake up your finances and it will be a direct correlation to your self-worth. Now's the time to do only what you love and value; otherwise you'll show up shorthanded and wonder why/what went wrong. Your skin might have a few breakouts for the first two weeks, but it's nothing that some deep breathing and a gentle exfoliator can't cure.

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Your skin might have some flakiness for the first two weeks, but it's nothing that some deep breathing and a gentle exfoliator can't cure.В

TAURUS: Life changes.

Wow, are you ready for this?! Here's what to expect for a steadfast, sensual, sensitive, and stubborn sign like you-you're pretty set in your ways, but expect that something inside of you is aching to change things up. On May 15, Uranus moves into your sign for the first time in your life-this is super exciting and maybe a little nerve-wracking for a security-seeking sign like you. Remember that true stability comes from understanding that change is a very necessary process of living a more fulfilling life. Also on May 15, there's a new moon in your sign and Mars enters Taurus the very next day. All eyes are on you, expect to be busy, expect to have more attention, and expect your sign to feel warm and even have a slight pinkish youthful glow. This is an exciting time-one you'll never forget.

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Opt for a refreshing, invigorating spray that tightens pores, sets makeup, and provides an instant shot of radiance to the skin.

GEMINI: Enlightenment.

It's necessary to shut your mind off every now and again to focus on your breath and less about what you'll say next. Writing, meditating, and being quiet are your modes of sanity in May. You'll need more rest and relaxation for when the sun and Mercury enter your sign on May 20 and 29 so you're more than ready to share your thoughts, wisdom, and to start a new 12-year cycle of your life.

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A little R&R never hurt anyone. Your skin wants to be pampered in May, and so does your soul. To combine the two, try a luminizing moisturizer that hydrates and adds a little shimmer.

CANCER: Dreams.

It's through our friends and acquaintances and through the world around us that we can really formulate and realize our dreams. This is particularly true for you in May, Cancer. Spending time with friends, researching, observing the way the world works-mainly your interactions with your environment all shape who and what you become. Uranus entering your sign is positive-really positive-expect your dreams to become a reality, nurture them, and allow them to shake up your world.

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Your skin will need a little more hydrating than usual, particularly your lips with all the talking and socializing happening now. Find a universally flattering lip gloss with some sparkle.

LEO: Reputation.

Career, a job, is all really just a part of you, it's what you do and how you show up in the world that really builds your reputation. May will highlight your career and bring things more into being physical. Uranus moving through Taurus means that notoriety of some kind could literally come overnight, and with this comes a lot of other changes, like a move, changes with your family, and literally a reshuffling of your foundation as you know it. This is nothing to fear, only to embrace-it's something that your soul has been asking for for a long time now.

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VIRGO: Lofty Ideas.

Naturally pragmatic, the way you're thinking is changing quite a bit. Expect May to kick-start your travel schedule, and as a result, your ideas and philosophies about life are changing. When you change your ideas and when you open your mind more, your perspective derives from a different vantage point. Stay open as much as possible. The new moon on the 15th might present you with a trip-say yes!

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LIBRA: Resources.

You tend to be lucky when it comes to finances-you have people in your life who may be willing to support you most of the time. The bottom line is that you like nice things… a lot. May has you focused on security and reevaluating codependency versus independence. People like to support you because you know what it is to be a true team player, but things are changing and you're feeling more restless about having to conform to other peoples ideas about who you are.

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Everything is changing from the inside out-you'll love a super-luxe rose body oil. On the new moonВ on May 15, think about what matters most and let your sensuality ensue.

SCORPIO: Partnerships.

You take most everything seriously, especially partnerships, but finances, however, are an interesting topic for you. You like your freedom quite a bit, so you tend to associate money with problems and responsibility. May 15 marks a new beginning for you, and you may even shock yourself. Freedom will start to inspire your life theme-freedom of expression, financial prosperity as a means to freedom, freedom in relationships-and finally have the courage and confidence to take bigger risks.

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May brings big breakthroughs, and your skin will likely react as a result. Invest in something calming, hydrating, and most of all, something that will make you feel good.


Wait-before you skip your horoscope this month, hear me out. You like excitement, and yet when it comes to your daily routine, you're pretty organized, however, May shakes things up for you quite a bit. The past few months, you've had a lot of spiritual wisdom seep into your life, and this is starting to manifest in the way that you think about your work, and personal health-you want more. May 15 marks a change of pace when outworn habits will no longer satisfy you. You will want new, you will be more health conscious, and you will be more prepared to tackle whatever comes your way.

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Follow your heart in regard to work and you'll find what you really love. Try using an essential oil, something earthy to feel more grounded. This one also keeps mosquito bites at bay.

CAPRICORN: Powerful.

After the 15th, things get really exciting for you in May. You'll feel way more romantic, spontaneous, and fun-loving-yeah, you! When Venus enters your relationship sector on May 19, for your love life, or if you don't yet have one, expect a lot of tender, romantic excitement. Stay open and respond to those texts you keep getting-someone is thinking about you, but you've been too serious to see it. With the planets Pluto, Saturn, and now Mars in your sign, you are magnetic and powerful.

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Due to all the heated excitement rumbling through your life, you'll need something calm and relaxing but effective to temperВ any breakouts.


Your ruling planet, Uranus, enters Taurus on May 15, and when paired with the new moon, this means that your home life is about to get a lot more exciting. You're comfortable with the unexpected, even though you can be pretty stubborn when it comes to your ideas most of the time. You want something new and exciting, and this has been a long time coming. Stay open-if you've been looking for the perfect living situation, something better and unexpected will happen if you'll just stay open and see where this is headed.

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When Venus enters Cancer on May 19, work may influence this new move. Something sensual to wash away the old, like this milky, botanical cleanser.

PISCES: Grounded ideas.

Despite your dreamy reputation, you're pretty grounded when it comes to your ideas-you might even play it too safe. You're attached to your beliefs, but with Uranus entering Taurus on May 15, your communication style is about to become a whole lot more far out. This is because your beliefs are changing. This change will feel good to you, and you'll find that you're more creative, more outspoken, and way more outgoing. The sun in Gemini on May 20 will help to ground you, as you'll find staying in gives you just what you need to balance your titillating mind.

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